Waanders, where else?

Waanders has been traditionally the center of Staphorst. Situated centrally along the expressway and along the main road of the village, it is the place where both travellers and locals feel at home.

Central meetingpoint

Waanders is the meetingpoint in a region with lots of business, industry, nature and culture. As the center of the region, we have plenty to offer:

  • Hotel with comfort and superior rooms
  • Restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Professional work- and meetingfacilities
  • Wellknown party venues

Ideal location

To explore the regions’ natural- and cultural environment, to meet and greet, to celebrate with family or friends, with modern meetingfacilities, Waanders is the ideal venue situated along the expressway A28 to cater all your needs.That is why we like to say: Waanders, where else?