Lunch menu

We serve lunch from 11 AM.


''Staphorster Stoete'' means: bread from Staphorst. Local bakery 'Ubak' made special sourdough-bread for us, which we top with mostly regional products. 

Ham, cheese, tomato, cucumber, boiled egg

€ 7,50

Pesto, Tête de Moine cheese, pinepits, dressing

€ 7,50

"Salland" twin
Regional Salami, cured ham, tomato salsa, spring onion 

€ 6,50

Buffelo Mozzarella, tomato, pesto

€ 7,50

Twin Fish
Smoked salmon, trout 

€ 11,00


Club sandwich smoked chicken
Mayonnaise, tomato, bacon, fried egg 

€ 8,75               

Club Sandwich smoked salmon
Horseradish sauce, cucumber, boiled egg, red onion 

€ 10,50

Homemade soups  
Served with rye french bread and herb butter

Choice of:
Tomato soup with mini meatballs
Chickenbroth with chicken and vermicelli
Mustard soup with "Zwolle" mustard / lard
Week choice of the chef

€ 6,00

Bread basket
Rye French bread, herb butter

€ 3,25

Twelf o'clock special
Cup of soup, sandwich crocket, sandwicht ham, cheese, fried egg

€ 14,50

Chicken Saté
Chickenthigh, Indonesian salad, fries, sateh sauce

€ 16,50

2 Crockets with bread
Heeren van Loosdrecht crocket, white or rye bread, biological mustard

€ 9,25 (€5,25)

Meatloaf ball
Pork meat, white or rye bread, biological mustard

€ 9,25 

Hamburger "Waanders"
Pure beef, sesamy roll, ketchup, lettuce, bacon, cheese, fried egg, tomato salsa 

€ 15,00

Beefsteak on bread
White or rye bread / gravy

€ 15,00

Tosti XXL of choice
- Ham, cheese or
- Italian (salami, mozzarella, tomato, pesto) or
- Goatcheese (guacamole, smoked chicken, peppadew)

€ 9,50 (€5,50) 


Three-eggs Waanders
3 Fried eggs, ham, cheese, roast beef, white or rye bread

€ 8,95 (€7,95)

Tree-eggs special
3 Fried eggs, bacon, onion, tomato, melilot cheese, white or rye bread

€ 9,95 (€8,95)

Farmers' omelet
3 Eggs, mixed veggies, bacon, potato, white or rye bread

€ 8,95 (€7,95) 

''Huzaren'' salad
Potato salad, apple, ham, pickles, boiled egg, toast

€ 12,00 (€10,00) 

''Russian egg'' salad
Potato salad, pickles, smoked fish, boiled egg, anchovy, remouladsauce, toast

€ 16,00 (€13,00)

Caesar salad
Roman salad, smoked chicken, tomato, boiled egg, parmesan cheese, caesar dressing

€ 9,50

Caprese salad
Tomato, buffalo mozzarella, pesto, basil, toast

€ 9,50

Goat cheese salad
Wrapped in bacon, balsamico vinaigre, wallnuts, tomato, cucumber, mixed salad

€ 10,50

Breaded '' schnitzel''(pork)

€ 18,50

Lady schnitzel
Fried mushrooms, fried onions, patatoes

€ 14,50

Veal liver
Fried mushrooms, fried onions, patatoes 

€ 17,50

Grilled rib-eye
Choice of peppersauce or mushroomsauce

€ 24,50

Fillet of cod
Tagliatelle, soft Roquefort sauce

€ 22,00

Vegetarian lasagne
Eggplant, zucchini, sweetpepper, red onion, tomato, black olives 
€ 17,50

Children soup

€ 3,00

French fries with applesauce
With choice of: chicken skewer, frikandel or meat croquet

€ 7,50

Kids ice cream
Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, surprise

€ 4,00