Dinner MENU

Homemade minestrone soup, chickensoup, cream of sweetpepper soup or musterdsoup 
Served with rye french bread and herb butter

€ 6,00

Bread basket
Rye French bread, herb butter

€ 3,25

Miller's bread
3 kinds of toppings

€ 5,25

Homemade duckliver-paté (80 gr.)
Quail egg, apple compote, muscat jelly

€ 6,75

Dutch shrimp cocktail (70 gr.)
Iceberg lettuce, traditional cocktail sauce

€ 9,75

Graved Lachs (70 gr.)
Cucumber, red onion

€ 8,00

Chicken salad
Macaroni's, pistachios, spring onion, pear, mayonnaise, tomberry, lime

 € 6,75

Brined cucumber salad

Pomegranate, avocado, parsely yoghurt, chili croutons 

€ 5,25

Crispy porkbelly fat

BBQ sauce, sesamy seed, spring onion

€ 6,50

Carpaccio of Beef
Pinenuts, Tête de Moine cheese, pesto

 € 7,75

Salsify salad
Kohlrabi, carrot, celeriac, tomberry, wild spinache-Cashel-Blue-dressing (cheese) 

€  5,50

Niçoise salad
Lightly grilled fresh tuna, haricots verts, red onion,
boiled egg, black olives, oil, lemon

 € 11,00

Dried, cured ham
Frisée salad, tomato salsa

€ 8,00

Tomato-Mozzarella burger

€ 6,75

Breaded ''schnitzel'' (porkcutlet)
Fried onions, mushroom

€ 18,50

Beef liver
Bacon, onion, Madeira

€ 17,50

Hamburger "Waanders"
100% beef in a beerbun, tomatochutney, bacon, fried egg, gurkin,
chips and mayonnaise

€ 17,50

Sirlon of beef 
Choice of sauce, potatoes

€ 30,00

Homemade Irish stew
Lamp stew, carrot, onion, bacon, potato, garlic, thyme, bread, butter

€ 18,50

Mixed Grill
Chicken skewer, fillet of pork, Jewish fillet of beef, sweetcorn, onion sauce 

€ 26,50

Grilled fillet of pork
Crispy Parmesan, choice of sauce

€ 22,50

Chicken sateh 
Chickenthigh, atjar salad, sateh sauce. pickles, prawn crackers

€ 16,50

Fillet of red bream
With spinache, tomato salsa, lime sauce

€ 24,50

Pan-fried wolffish
Curry, beurre blanc, shrimps, wakame

€ 26,00

Fish 'n chips
White fish, beerbatter, chips, tartar sauce, mayonnaise

€ 17,50

Sweetcorn rösti (vegetarian)
Pea-mash, mint, rucola

€ 16,50

Lukewarm sweet potatosalad (vegetarian)
Sjalot, corn, sweetpepper, beam funghi, frisée salad, 
rosemary-garlicdressing, truffelpotatocrisp, udon noodles

€ 16,00

Side dishes
French fries with mayonnaise € 2,50
Fried potatoes € 2,50

Steamed vegetables

€ 2,50

Fresh side salade € 2,50

Extra- or different sauce
Pepper sauce, beam funghi sauce,
or tomato-basil sauce 

€ 2,50

Fries, mayonnaise, applesauce 

Choice of:
- Chicken skewer
- Frikandel
- Meat Croquet

€ 7,50

Kids ice cream
Chocolate French fries, vanilla ice-cream, fruit, 
raspberrysauce, whipped cream

€ 6,50

Dame Blanche 2.0
Vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce,
homemade eggnog, whipped cream

€ 8,50

Sorbeth with freshly cut fruit
2 balls of farmers' ice cream, fresh fruit 

€ 8,50

Pear, lime sabayon, white chocolate, cinnamon

€ 8,50

Coconut ice-cream, passionfruit, Pisang Ambon, whipped cream

€ 8,50

White- and dark chocolate mousse, blood orange sauce, icing, whipped cream 

€ 8,50

All our ice cream is traditionally made at Bosman ice making farm (winner of the best regional product in 2014)